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Saturday, 24 October 2009


As most of us are aware, the leader of the BNP has now appeared on a well known TV debate. I think everyone should be able to air their views as denying them a platform goes against the democratic principles that exist in the UK. A fundamental failure of our government to seriously debate immigration policy seems to be a big factor in creating interest in the views of the BNP. So what is the right approach?

From personal experience and reading a large amount of opinion that has been put up on various news web sites by the general public, I take the view we are overall a tolerant society. I don’t think as a nation we have any aspirations towards excluding the diversity of cultures that have enriched the UK. It looks to be more a case of the limited resources of a small country causing concern within our population in respect of it being unsustainable to have migration continue at the current rate.

“Indigenous people” was a point raised recently by the leader of the BNP and is worthy of exploration to actually decide what that means. What is being British?

I don’t personally have a definitive answer and doubt there actually is one.

Even in relatively recent history our country has been invaded by other cultures with the Vikings being one that springs to mind. All of these cultures from other countries have indeed at some point contributed to the gene pool that exists today. And looking back to when mankind first began to wander the planet, there are some very convincing arguments that favour a theory of us all originating on the continent of Africa before evolving into what we are today.

The burning issue at this time of recession and high unemployment combined with a real strain on all resources seems to be based around the number of people coming here. The issue of who those people are does not seem to be as prominent as we already have a diverse range of ethnicity present. Again having taken a spread of public opinion there seems to be little evidence that supports the idea that there are particular races that are unwelcome. Since we opened our borders and enabled unhindered migration to occur, it’s plain to see that government predictions have in reality been far from the reality of what has occurred.

The people targeted and used as propaganda via the media have been those wishing to come here from outside the EU. It’s now far harder to have a spouse come to the UK and other reasons for coming here of a similar nature have also been targeted. In fact it seems that most people from outside the EU who follow due process in an effort to relocate to the UK have large financial hurdles as well as the bureaucracy to overcome in an effort to have us all believe something is being done to control our borders. If the same approach were to be put in place for all wishing to come here and each applicant were to be given a fair hearing within a constraint of what is a practical number; we wouldn’t have the concerns that now exist.

An even handed approach might be one way to proceed where there are limits set which are subject to review in respect of all countries that have people wishing to migrate to the UK. I don’t believe cherry picking the talent from any country is a fair approach either, as that can lead to a shortage of the brightest in society in a country where the person originated. That method of allowing people to come, is to my mind also discrimination.

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