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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Today's Observations

Today Gordon Brown made a speech to outline the achievements of the labour party in taking control of immigration and migration and new steps which could be taken going forwards. Once again, the policies are aimed at non EU migrants and asylum seekers without any real mention of EU migration in a tangible way. It’s not just Labour as the Conservatives have been reticent in speaking up clearly in respect of how they might respond to people’s real concerns over these issues.

Having once again looked at a broad spectrum of public response that has been articulated on media sites from all persuasions, it’s clear that the big issue is the least discussed by the three main political parties in the UK. The problem stems from Labour’s total failure to negotiate in respect of capping EU migration when agreeing the terms under which they signed the Lisbon treaty and made the UK a more integral part of the European super state. This does not appear to be the case for other countries which has led to a disproportionate number of EU migrants arriving in the UK which has already put greater pressure on services and housing. Labour have now acknowledged; this is an actuality but will not associate the issue with EU migration for the fear of actually admitting what many moderate people are thinking.

There is absolutely no place for racism in UK society and on the whole it is not a great issue. But let’s not be complacent as parties like the BNP are beginning to capitalise on people’s utter despair at the main parties and their inability to even discuss EU migration. Personally I’m hoping that UKIP will in the coming weeks bring these issues out in the open along with the broader debate in respect of EU membership in general. David Cameron has blown it and has no backbone to deal with any fundamental issues that relate to the UK’s EU membership. To be fair there will be such complete financial mess for an incoming Conservative government to try to get to grips with a battle with the powers in Brussels is not something he would want to become embroiled in early on.

To govern with authority an incoming change of prime minister will need their party to win a general election convincingly. The biggest danger facing UK politics in the coming year is the possibility of a hung parliament or a new government having too few seats to push policies through in a concise way. People will vote BNP and they will in larger numbers vote for UKIP because they feel badly let down by the mainstream alternatives. Many people want to see the back of the current government but unless they get totally annihilated in the general election the mandate for a future government will not be a convincing one.

I will certainly be raising these issues with my local candidates and hope that many people take the opportunity to do likewise. If David Cameron were to announce a tangible policy in respect of EU migration, a time frame for untangling ourselves from an unpopular war in Afghanistan and a fiscal policy that recognises the obscene debt built up by the current shower who seem intent on ruining our economy on their way out; he would overnight transform the nature of the imminent general election and refresh the UK’s vision in respect of looking forwards to positive change. I strongly urge anyone who reads this to put pressure on their local MPs and state clearly their opinions on the issues that matter to them. There are several months remaining until we actually get to vote for a prime minister for a change. If we use this time to state very clearly to our politicians the things that we want to be able to vote upon and shape future policy, there might still be enough time in which the people can actually have their wishes taken account of by those who aspire to govern.

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