Thank you for visiting this site. The purpose of building this site is frustration. Yes, frustration with how I personally feel about the way our country is run and my inability to find a way of communicating directly with those in power and those who would like to be governing the country post election. This site will focus mostly on the subject of immigration for now, as that appears to be an issue that has allowed the formation of a vacuum that is currently being exploited by the BNP. I will try to be impartial in the way I run this site and hope it can develop into a place for healthy debate where points can be made and discussed and debated without any personal attacks or prejudice in relation to individuals who might wish to express themselves on this platform. I would like the site to be inclusive of a diversity of views and will throw in a number of posts that reflect my personal views which may or may not be debated or simply act as a starting point to build upon. Having just started building this site I am unsure how it will progress, but would ideally like it to be something which can be made available to MPs if someone would like their MP to visit the site and see what people think and perhaps an MP might wish to join in with a topic. I am also covering other topics which at first glance might seem unrelated, but as with any desire to exert pressure on our politicians it is useful to attack from more than one direction. Visitors to this site are very welcome to comment using the open reply link; to any post and begin a debate around that topic. Also feel free to distribute this site by posting a link to it on other sites.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Widening Debate

Having started this site with the issues arising from UK immigration policy, I have decided that my initial approach is simply too narrow. My logic in coming to this conclusion, is the staggering number of issues that expose our politicians in the UK. I can see that a multifaceted approach is likely to have more success in ridding UK politics of individuals who are not willing to represent the genuine wishes of the voters on whom they depend for their jobs. To apply pressure that will ultimately influence decisions in politics, the voters must first make sure the politicians know it is the UK electorate that have the final say. Thus far it is very plain, they either don't get it, or they do but don't give a damn. Perhaps when they get voted out, the scent of coffee will be some small comfort to them. At the moment, the best opportunity for a long, long time has arisen in the shape of the expenses outrage. People from all walks of life and political persuasions are justifiably disgusted by the conduct of many MPs who have abused their position of trust. Personally I'd like to see an interim government put in place that excludes any person who has acted without integrity, then have fresh submissions for candidates in a process lasting for six months, during which time they can become elected MPs. Then it would be time for a period of time where each party could state its case for government, followed by a general election. I can see no other way that will result in the confidence of the UK electorate being restored. I have no personal agenda other than wanting to feel that real democracy can thrive in UK politics which represents the wishes of the people, and not some other unexplainable set of ideals like we currently have. I don't know all there is to know about UK politics and openly invite others to contribute here; by posting replies. All opinions are welcome, but there is no place here for personal attacks of any kind in respect of any one who participates and has a view that can be debated. I don't see any need for obscenities or descriptions of politicians or any other person beyond simply naming them in a factual way and mentioning subjects that are not relevant to real subject matter. This site will be run in an open minded way, but obvious, needless insulting material can and will be removed if it oversteps the line of common decency. I am not prepared to associate myself with anything that goes beyond proper debate and will delete posts that are unfit. Other than that, go for it, enjoy some sharing of opinion and debate.

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